Why We Hate Termites

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cleaning homeHey everyone, today we’ll be talking about termites. Termites, rot and plenty of other miniscule organisms actually contribute to significant amount of cost that we spend on our house every year. This is especially so when it comes to houses made out of timber. Termites are able to chew through wood, almost as easily as we chew through our food. In fact, wood is a source of food for termites. They’re also able to burrow deep into the wooden structures in our house and herein lies the problem. The surface of any wooden structure can look perfectly fine, while the insides have deteriorated. After a while, the entire structure may collapse without warning. This is precisely why termites are one of the most feared pests ever.

The use of chemicals to treat or kill pests is often an issue of contention, not so much because it’s inhumane to kill these insects but because the chemicals used are often harmful to us humans as well. We may accidentally ingest some of it without knowing it ourselves. For instance, a cockroach may ingest some pesticide and crawl all over our kitchenware. We’ll end up ingesting some of it the next time we use our kitchenware. Same goes for ants, fleas or other types of pests. This is made worse by the fact that some insects are barely visible to our naked eye.